Saturday, December 10, 2016

Days Work.

Woke up and was lazy but determined at the same time to start checking off projects at the track. First up was some stairs that needed to be notched into a hill so my parents wouldnt have to brave gravity walking down a dirt bank to cheer on little groms. I got out there and did my best Bob Villa impression and knocked these steps out as you can see. Are they pro? No. Are they certified? No. Were they done in rain drizzle for free? Yes. Enjoy folks :) Then I saved my arch enemy Danny some cash by retrieving his car keys/fob that he left overnight in the parking lot. As much as I hate his power I definitely like his attitude and Ive yet to crash him so we are on good terms, but given the chance I throw him an elbow for $5 in a pro am in a second hahahahaha. Rain was coming down pretty good so had to cut the work session short but few things to tidy up at PAL and 2017 should be good. Track changes? Why not :) Headed over to see uncle Rob at the PD and spoke with him briefly and got some swag for tomorrow Niner game always appreciative of his hook up. Then got home sometime and got a call about the pre approval for the loan to cop a house came back all clean as a whistle. $750k of debt I can jump into LOL Trying to avoid being homeless is the plan so probably try and pull a trigger on something quick but at the same time not in a rush so wont buy anything if it doesnt fit my needs for sure. Stoked though I put in a solid few years of work and saved some serious cash as did Alicia so we made some good moves and now just keep the foot on the pedal and keep knocking it out. "somedays you build steps, and somedays you take steps, and on a rare occasion you can do both" thats the cheesy tag line of the day for me. Now to try to find 4 friends I can stand to be around for a few hours tomorrow at the game haha hmmmm this could be difficult lol. #nosquad #circletoosmallsometimes #qualitynotquantity

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