Saturday, June 28, 2008

The First Customer!

Congrats goes out to Al Cimino. He was the first and probably smartest person to get ahold of the new Exodus Bars. He told me he was in the market about 2 months ago at a session and I told him Id have an extra sample set if he was interested. We struck the deal in blood and he picked em up last night out at the track. Im gonna frame the first buck in typical business fashion and get a pic up of it right after I remodel my little cave here into a legit office :) Thanks goes out to Al he's the first to pick up a set of bars and full order should be here in a little over a month fingers crossed. Weight for those who wondered was 26ounces which is pretty good for a full sized bar. Might make a small change to the crossbar which would shave an ounce but not anything drastic. Colors should be white/black/chrome and if people want customs the only thing I can suggest is gettin em powdered for $20.

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