Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Grind

Just tracked my shipment of sample stuff and the stuff has hit the SJ post office so I should see it today or tomorrow maybe! Psyked. Been riding alot lately trying to get fast again I guess all the time off has made my legs go from strong to girlie. Kinda sucks when your gettin beat down the first straight by fools who you never even imagined being close to... Whatever I got a few races lined up in the next month and they should be fun- Sac in 2 weeks, Then Nashville the weekend after, Then Utah the weekend after, and then 2 weeks later Tucson Az. Cunningham today to session with the guys and pick up a few parts from Joe. He has a few white things and of course Im going for the full white out on the new whip so Im picking up some stuff today and lending him the Etnies DVD "Grounded" I couldnt believe he hadn't seen it. Crazy guy has been missing out on life! Speaking of Joe and a few other friends of mine lately- the economy sucks and alot of people are gettin their hours hacked away or gettin phased out. It fuckin sucks and Im bummed to see people lose jobs especially with families to take care of so hopefully they get relocated and things dont get too bad. Working with Carl/Arturo I see alot of people losing their houses and shit and it all really sucks. Like whats the point IMO of foreclosing a house when no one is going to come buy it anyway? Why not restructure loans and make shit happen to keep people in houses and payments they can make? Something has to happen soon and gas is just a small fraction of the bigger problem. OK Rambling done.

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alex o said...

the economy is bullshit, nick lets ride soon, and have you been getting any of my last 2 emails?????