Sunday, June 1, 2008

Skids N Carves

This pic is courtesy of Mike who is a newer rider to me, but hes a ripper that has been at cunningham a bit lately. Anyway he has a unique style and I dig watching him ride. He was present when I found the line to do these skids in the full pipe opening and we talked about shottin a pic of them. There ya go. The pic doesnt exactly do it justice but hey if you wanna see the real thing come out and check it out ya know? Thanks Mike. Halsey gets here tomorrow shes gonna be my transplant live in BMX'er for the next 3-4 weeks. She's chill and hope she enjoys the scene here, shes more of a racer but she's stuck with me so yeah. Should be fun. Rode a pro-am today and it was a total bust. Got 5th in the main afetr getting slammed in the last turn, only $30bucks difference between 4th and 5th so I wasnt too concerned but the track was a bust and the whole day was shady. No worries though :) Enjoy the lil pic and see ya at the next session?

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Esther said...

You're in my thoughts... I wish I could be there to be with you in the hospital Nick. Love you always.