Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Geez its been a rough year and this is titled life and death. So I havent updated because Ive been in the hospital since the 2nd of June with a badly cracked/severed/bleeding spleen. See tghe pic in the previous post I was about that high I guess and lost tranny and splatted to my doom 20+ feet below. Shit has been a rough week and a Dooooozy. Anyway was in ICu for a few days then normal hospital and now home after a week or so. Shit sucks but things will move on and Ill go into detail later. Thanks everyone for the visits and support it really helps. On the Exodus side of things samples are on their way to me see below pics of the bars and frame :) So thats the life after the death thing I guess. Anyway gonna pain pill it up and try to sleep. Thanks again everyone for kind words and prayers!

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