Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Leaving to Nashville Tenn. today. Pretty psyked as its like my first road trip of the year in my opinion. Rode the Roseville national and thought I was gonna get smoked pretty badly but things worked out pretty decent. Made semis both days and just some bad luck/maybe bad decisions on my part im not sure but my pack riding was good just not the smartest I think. Anyway it was good and I had a good time. George at www.knightbikeco.com dropped me off some product last night so Im all ready for the trip. He got to see my new frame along with Chris and they both seemed to like it. I got it all painted up in a white fade kinda scheme so it looks good now and will really be nice when I get all the new parts for it. Gonna be a snowstorm for sure :) Welcome back Chris! That fucker is back from his desert venture and to celebrate I lent him my bike while Im gone... Sorry no pics and this might be the only blog for a week or so I get back on the 23rd if all goes planned and thats pretty much all thats going on with me :) much love everyone- Nick dawg

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