Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So if you dont know Nate Strieby you need to do some research anyway and get some knowledge. Anyway super nice rider from the midwest and a great dude all around. So I get an email this morning saying Nate and some guy Shawn Speitmer (sp?) got into a small collision at the akron ohio park and the dude Shawn ended up passing away from it. WTF? I had to read some info here and there but what seemed like a joke to me was very true. I guess his bars and his chest had a disagreement and they havent done a full autposy but sure enough the dude passed away right there. Couple that with Anthony's concussion last night, and the shitty year Ive had so far. BMX is ruthless right now... Thoughts and prayers go out to the Striebys family and the family of Shawn who will definitely miss their son who tragically passed on at only 33. Ride safe kids and always be aware of where all the other riders are in the park.

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