Monday, July 7, 2008

Pick A Pic!

So heres a few more pics and as always some more info on them. All shot by Daniel of course...

First off is probably one of the coolest sites youll ever see in life and it might just be me but IMO kids and children in general are really pure. What I mean by that is that they have their feelings out there good or bad right there for the world to see, they arent influenced by anything really maybe parents but for the most part they are oblivious to their surroundings and thats what makes kids so awesome. So were ridin home on BART me Daniel and Scott after the A's game a few weeks ago and Im watching this kid whos really psyked on something that him and his sister have. I check to see what it is and I catch a glimpse... Its a fish! A good ol fashioned american gold fish. Its the county fair time right now so I figured they won it on one of those lil games. The mom is yackin off on a cell phone and ignoring the kid and hes just babbling off 101 questions but shes paying him no mind. I scoot up and listen to him because his questions are typical kid questions just random and funny. I tell Daniel to snag a pic and hes kinda nervous because it is someones kid and thats kinda weird but I get him to because the mom is off in la la land and prolly not even gonna notice anyway. Get the pic it comes out perfect as I saw it that day and check the kids expression and the like I mentioned pureness involved in the pic. Definitely one of my favorite pics Ive ever seen in my entire life.

Next up is a pic of me prior to that A's game I just mentioned. Fresh. New Fitted and White Button Up, who can hate on that right? The A's didn't like it I guess though because they got blown out 11-1 and I was bummed but Dons bbq was cool and the day was a blast anyway. Good times and Im glad I was invited and went.

And Lastly- Peep the street promotion we got going for the new company Exodus. Thats right why waste money on flyers and stuff that can be thrown away? 4th of July is always an excuse to burn stuff and mess around and I took full advantage of some sparklers and some concrete. The sparklers burn really hot and that white chalky stuff doesnt fade for a minute :) Exodus in full effect its literally like "in the streets"...

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