Saturday, June 27, 2009

More details...

Raced my lil ass off today. Went 1,2,4 in motos so got out pretty easily before a shitty semi but I still got 3rd and made the main and drew lane 1 so was pretty psyked. First straight is a lil slow but came out in 3rd and was makin the same ol nick moves lol. 2 lead guys dart to the left avoiding the pro section so Im committed to ramping it up and set up for it. Case the set up jump and had to abandon the shot at the win. I was pissed because it was a simple mistake and I was close to easily come out on top. Dropped back to 5th and was a little bit annoyed at it, but its all well. Roybal got moto'd? WTF trippin son. Jamie Lilly won her first lap and showed that she isnt far off the pace at all. Stump nailed down the #1 with my columbian coke connect Augusto gettin the 3rd! Pics below if they work on Lilly's laptop :)

Pics are scattered but Julian al's off spring, and PA has the coolest old brick buildings everywhere.

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