Monday, June 1, 2009


I've been far too busy and the blog hasn't been up to par, I know this and my apologies to the legion of followers LOL. With that being said. The Worlds Training super duper program has been working well. I found a cool sprint spot and been frequenting that alot and dusted off the weights so squat racking thangs! Chris @ and I are figuring out a 25 for 25 kinda video thing should be cool :) Going to Delaware in 2 weeks to ride BMX hang with Alan, Kim, and Garret so should be fun. Lots of racing and pedal time before I leave for Worlds. Very excited.


Anonymous said...

A lot more people read this than you'd think.

Anonymous said...

i used to check your blog disappointed after a while..then once a gettin let down. common everyone wants to live a day in the life of nickdawwwg

paul said...

yo nickdawg, i wanna get my ass on the track for the first time in my life. how do i get started riding PAL or whatnot?