Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Get off work tonight and pack up the whips and gear for a 3day venture to orlando for the ABA Disney spectacle! Haha taking the class and cruiser going to ride class fri/sat and 24" on sunday. Should be a good weekend if all goes well :) Still digging at the track for the NCC jumping stuff and thats going well, hopefully have it completed by next Wednesday in time for the Saturday event so we can just groom it all fine at the end of the week. has the races all weekend so if youre bored and want to see me ramp it up hit them for the coverage. Whats new? Nothing. Thinking of switching jobs and moving over to a SR Rec. leader position at Happy Hollow Park/Zoo. 19 bucks an hour and benefits so thats where you can find me in a few months. Lifes good cant complain. NCC just about a week away! Yeeeee

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