Friday, October 2, 2009

Whats an accomplishment to you?

First off before I rant about my boy marcus @ the skatepark, Nor Cal Classic is slowly gettin worked out. Details in a week or so im trying to lock down the location but the date will be November 7th for sure. Mark it down. K back to my rant. Marcus is my lil protege at the skatepark who Ive been working with for about 2months now. Super rad lil kid respectful as all hell and has a good attitude. Sometimes he is a little gun shy and scared to get hurt but Im really psyked on him right now. Since day 1 I have wondered when we were going to get him to drop into a quarter pipe. Its one of those building block steps that basically opens you up to riding anything you want because you know how to get in and out of bowls and transitions. After 6 lessons he had learned tons of stuff and finally we knocked it out. Took a few tries but he knocked it out and I was seriously PROUD of him and he was ecstatic. Little shit like that is all that really matters in life. Drama and this and that shit just doesnt even get near the level of where Im at when I see accomplishments like that little event in Marcus' life. Real shit stays on top and bullshit falls off. Do work, nasty status hustle, todays a gift and what you do with it is up to you.

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