Friday, October 9, 2009

Nor*Cal Classic!

Yeah! Shout out the art/graphic dept. located in the Temecula desert for finally getting the flier finished. I may need to replace them because what should have been a basic 15min. project dragged out to 73 versions after mistake and change and lack of knowledge. So frustrating! JK Thanks Beef much respect man and I owe you yet again. Checks in the mail! Started gettin swag in for the Nor Cal Classic round #2 a goodie box full of tees from Tom @ check with them before you sell your soul and shop elsewhere. Tom has always supported me and the events I work on and wanna thank him once again. Check the flier its going to be standard on the sidebar here until further notice :) Played another 3hr. tennis set again today which is 9hrs this week, my legs are smoked but Im going to PAL to ramp tonight and then off to Fresno for the NBL State Finals. Yeee

1 comment:

Beef said...

you might just wanna send me all those T's and whatever else you got up there...son!!

-Dr. Dre (Beef)