Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fuck a speed limit.

Haha 85mph in a 70mph zone got me done up early this morning. The great state of Texas will be $180.00 richer on my account if I paid out of state tickets that is. Haha get fucked your Texas asses better suspend my California license if you want a penny out of me. I now dont operate vehicles in New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Illinois? Haha of course as usual everyone was snoozing and I was texting to stay awake and noticed the Texas Ranger himself come across 4 lanes and a grass median(sp?) to get to me and I knew I was rung up haha. Good drive though all was well. Track is kinda weird with a few dogleg turns but appears to be fun and dogleg turns are the best for making moves so we shall see. Ummm what else not much yet a day of relaxation ahead....

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