Sunday, November 1, 2009

Laugh Fools

First of all those are american gators and its a FEDERAL OFFENSE ALLAN PORTER to hit them in the face with hot dogs and such hahahaha. 2Bucks for a hot dog to feed those things was a ripoff but the story was well worth it! I aint snitchin Porter but if the croc feds show up we better have a damn good story to explain why you were beating them senseless LOL Those crocs ARRRRGreat!

Jamie wised up and took off the Lance Armstrong gear and had an epic thought to gear something that is normal and proceeded to go 2-2-5 in the main. Just missed the podium and was a spot or two away from her first win on the comeback tour. Welcome Back. Get it? The song? yeah corny.

Been wanting to jot down a tally of the trips and did it finally. Here's to having a flexible job and a good crew of travel buddies and alot of friends in alot of states. In no particular order of course this was my 2009. Round trip figures.

Pittsburgh Pa- 78 Hours
Nashville Tn- 67 Hours
Louisville Ky- 70 Hours
Vegas- 16 Hours
Perris Ca- 10 Hours
Phoenix Az- 24 Hours
De Soto Tx- 51 Hours
Bakersfield Ca- 8 Hours
Roseville Ca- 4 Hours
Tucson Az- 24 Hours
Chula Vista Ca- 12 Hours
Lancaster Ca- 10 Hours
Albuquerque Nm- 31 Hours
Reno Nv- 8 Hours
Redmond Or- 18 Hours
Goodyear Az- 24 Hours
Fresno Ca- 6 Hours
Prunedale Ca- 3 hours

464 Hours! Unless I suck at math. so 464X75mph would be approx. 34,800 Miles. Nearly 20 whole days in a car. Hahahahaha. All that and I think I have won about 6 laps total

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