Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oldies/Goodies Road Trip Clear For Takeoff

Countdown for the Grands Roadtrip. Porter will get the results, Myself and Al will take down the chubby women, and Im not sure what Mike Hughes is bringing to the table but he better come correct. Here are some assorted pics from Jamie that were left over from who knows when. Myself and Rick Moliterno who is probably one of about 10 people I will name drop and not feel like a douche. Respect a living legend. Vans ponchos coming this winter modeled by my volunteer crew who packed goodie bags for NCC. Thanks guys, Vans poncho's I got em for cheap. Khalen Young half passed out and about 12hours before he didn't love me anymore :( Just jokes mayn get at ya boy! And me and Bailey the best muhhfuggin Bulldog ever.

Check the Pablo Escobar tee shirt I got for $2.50 in Florida. They respect legendary figures too.

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