Thursday, January 7, 2010

Voice Of Reason? Pffffft!

Haha taking off to Reno for the first ABA national of the year. Should be exciting to even see how the hell Im going to swing it... I think the parking fee alone should send me deep into debt. No joke bank account is $85.12 as of tonight and I have not a single red cent coming in what so ever. Recession, shit economy, call it what you want and make whatever excuse you feel is necessary but Im just going to charge it to the game and hope it all works out. The best part is I plan on going to Guthrie for the second national of the year in 2 weeks and then Oldsmar Florida a few weeks after that? Hahaha fuck it man you only live once and living under concern for financial shit is no way to live IMO. Run it people.

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