Monday, January 25, 2010


Haha got home last night from Guthrie Ok where the ABA pulled down 175motos which was more than I expected and I had 1/4's in class and Semis. Like hummingbirds drawn to honeysuckle flowers the international talent is still hitting the circuit regularly with Graves from Australie picking up a win along with a few more podiums... Can you say title contender? Stumps go fast button was in working order as his first straight was hot all weekend and he pulled down another win so he is off to a good start. The guy that impressed me both days making the main was Steven Cisar- Semis both days making good moves and working the rhythm section for all it was worth to pick off guys in the last turn. Good Job. I had a fun time in practice and felt really good but come moto's and qualifying I was like a drunk water buffalo down the second straight. Just slow and lost haha. Made the semi on day 1 and took a weak ass 5th so I watched the main and then got into the semi again on Sunday where a little bit of luck and a last turn bump and run put me in the main. I got lane 3 which was good I have had a lane 8 streak as of late haha. Olajuwon Davis was in 2 with a super slingshot so i knew I needed to make a miracle happen first few cranks. Surprise surprise he beat me out the gate and quickly cut over so I was ridin slow trying to get in efficient pedals when I could. Slow 2nd straight again ended up 7th i think for the day. haha. Rough in the streets but had some fun so whatever.

Read this book from Eliz called " I hope they serve beer in hell" Its kinda like a story collection of some guy and his drunken sexual stories that some seem like BS but some are very true or so Ive heard. Hella funny if you get a chance to read it I suggest you do its an easy read at like 300 pages and you can knock it out in a weekend and laugh ur tail off.

Had some supergood food at Chili's on the way to the OKC airport which was portobello mushroom and some kind of steak fajita thing it was good and I normally hate Chili's so I was kinda psyked about that. Lilly had some lean ass salad that was good but they used the shit ceaser lettuce and it had like corn in it? Pffft Iceberg lettuce and tns of ranch is all you need people. keep it simple. We talked shit and joked about our waitress and had this huge debate on tipping and my shitty tipping and this and that. We finally leave and Jazz and Cam leave a few bucks but under the 15% typicalness LOL and Lilly follows suit. We get halfway to the airport when Jamie realizes she left her card at the restaurant! haha nothinbg shittier than stickin it to the waitress with a $0.53 tip and then having to go back and ask for your credit card. Hahahaha so funny. All in all trip was good hung out with some people I love and rode BMX and met some new friends in Jazz and Cam- Thanks for the couch space and the rides to and from the track and airport you guys are genuinely good people. Until next time-

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