Monday, February 22, 2010


Sittin at the terminal in Tampa after a great weekend filled with sun, friends, bmx and the ocean! Haha if you know me you already know my body is good for showing the perfect male specimen but swimming is not in the cards haha. So decided to go rent jet skis and ramp up the ocean water in Clearwater Florida like 30 minutes from the national. I somehow squidded my way into the main event earlier in the day and took a 5th so I was up for anything. After signing every waiver known to man and dropping the credit card for the security deposit it was all good. I had never ridden a jet ski before so I figured it would be pretty fun. I asked the guy for the fastest one and he joked and said youll be the fastest because your the smallest guy in the group. thanks dick. Anyway we get out to the open water they give us the do and dont speech and etc etc etc. Finally get to ramp back on the throttle and fuckin ponies! That shit had some gitty up and I was like hesitant at first because you would start rollin gnar fast and then get to skippin across wakes and stuff and it would get kinda sketch. After about 5 minutes of gettin used to it, what can I say? Shit was on. Full on pinning it going like 80 or whatever the hell they measure jet ski speed in LOL and then just full on ramping wakes behind boats and people getting pissy about the fishing areas and shit. It was so funny. Hey buddy your fishing in a dock entry/exit area you dont expect wakes? Haha it was so gooood. Best part was our babysitter instructor guy didnt give a shit about anything. Kim and G took a digger and he didnt even notice! Haha I cruised and checked out an island beach and just pinned it for an hour or so and now my forearms are crazy sore but definitely the highlight of 2010 so far. Sorry no pics which is getting to be a bad trend I know people have short attention spans and pics definitely help LOL. What else. Saw some POS that has owed me $450 for like 3 years and talked to his kid but the dad was nowhere to be found. So technically I didnt see him but rest assure karma will come and settle our score. First time shame on you, second time shame on me :) Headed home today and about to board finally! Lets do this thing Nashville here I come... Wait Cashville!

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Leslie Carter said...

sure am glad you got to meet me!!!