Monday, February 1, 2010

New Job, Redwood City Sucks

Jamie got me an interview at her lil cafe spot after I kept in her ear that she needed to get me a dishwashing job hehe. Hit the interview with new white kicks, creased denim, and a white button down and 10minutes in I was dialed. Working 7-2 daily for only $9.75 an hour mon-fri now which is good because I hate being poor and the last month was shit due to missing a ton of work with the shitty weather. Pretty psyked on it and we shall see how it goes. Probably going to mess up my travel plans but now Ill just fly more often and drive less. Good news.

Now the bad news. The San Jose Mercury News ran an article last week I guess about how the idiots in Redwood City will be building a fence to the tune of $80,000.00 to keep BMX out of their local park. $80,000.00 you fucking idiots thats 80,000 reasons as to why your city is oblivious to the needs of the entire fucking community. Why not use that money to build a top notch BMX park if you so truly believe that the 2 disciplines cant co exist. Which BTW they have been for what 5 years now? If you feel the need to keep them out, why not give them somewhere to go? Do BMX riders have to sit outside the parks and rec office there and make a big episode to get a fair shake? Does a BMX rider need to grind the handrails at city hall until someone realizes that his activity is just as legitimate as the next guys? This is always a heated debate with me if you didnt know lol and dickhead officials who fuel the fire by excluding any activity without giving an alternate option are one of the major factors in the issue. Fuck you Redwood Shitty.

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