Friday, February 19, 2010


Yeah boy. Shawn finally got me to get my ass off work and go out and shoot a few pics that he had some ideas about. It ruined a set of fresh white kicks and Bailey was gettin real tired of being leashed up and not going anywhere, but the pics came out pretty cool and Im psyked to switch out the header with one of them :) Sittin at SJC Mineta waiting to hop a flight to Nashville for an awesome 3 hour layover before heading into Florida this weekend for the ABA Gator national. Finally got paid from my new job a whopping $370 haha I was pretty bummed but then I realized they had shorted me 3 days which is like $220 so eventually Ill have it all squared up. Found an Evo that I think Im getting but not in a major rush so kinda scoping them out in general. Wayyyyy tired and going to take a pre nap before I take a real nap on this flight. If you need me hit the text Ill be at 75,000ft just snorin away LOL.

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