Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I told a few people Id blog the outcome of the meeting for the pegs and access to all of LCRSP. Haha. Meeting was garbage the guy in charge still hasn't read the memo I so kindly prepared for him, and supposedly is going to come out and check out a session this week to get a little more familiar with the situation... Thats fine. Except for the fact that You have your grunt worker me saying we need this change, and your supervisor of the place Viet, saying we need the change, and Our facility supervisor in Peggy saying we need it, and your still wanting to come out and look around? Hello thats why you have a chain of command- use it. Trust the employees you have put in place to be your eyes and ears. My advice to all the BMX riders. Do whatever you wanna do. In a perfect scenario Id say wait til this guy comes and walks the park, but at the same time- I wrote this fuckin memo 5 1/2 months ago. Do whatever you wanna do, dont disrespect the employees that have to enforce rules its just their jobs. Ramp it up.


Coffee Cups said...

Blog owner approval required? What a pussy!

Tea Cups said...

So, how 'bout that big dick booter out of the berm?