Monday, March 22, 2010

So Homo.

Haha Ive crossed the line. I forever heckle all the lil gay kids on fixed gear bikes with their speedster hats and their hipster style. HAHA Well after ridin dirty borrowing a car with no registration and insurance for a few weeks to get back and forth to my 2 jobs I figured Id better find a road bike and hit the light rail to get around. Omar has given up his fixed gear fagness ways so i asked if he still had his speedy cool guy bike and I offerd him a couple hunnid for it. He broke his Iphone for the 17th time and finally agreed to sell it to me. Haha so I technically own a fixed gear for the moment. But rest assure I have a sun ringle BMX hub for it just waitin on a fresh wheel build and some spiffy brakes to have the oddest bike ever :) Haha should be good. The pedaling feels good at 6am headed to work and kinda wakes you up so thats chill and helps because I drag ass in the mornings really bad. The bike had some Ride HoMo stickers all over it so I ditched those pretty quickly and flipped the bars over so I dont look like Lance Armstrong sprint stance when Im just trying to get to work LOL. All is well and after a ton of work the Peg Rule has been lifted at LCRSP finally :) Good times. Pics of the bike soon if Im unlazy, headed to Oregon this weekend and ridin dirty!

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