Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good day!

Long day of ridin :) Met up at LCRSP with the crew of Don and Endo for the early session there and dropped a few things Ive been curious about. Took care of a flair on a mellow a$$ quarter so was psyked about that but I popped my shoulder out quick and swiftly so took it easy for a few minutes after and saved my energy for a trip to tea cups where I have told like a hundred people they will not jump the current sets there. Haha Endo has been runnin his mouth but was quickly humbled and dint give them a go which i figured. I was finally curious enough to fire out the first 2, but stayed away from the 3rd set which is easily 25feet and a beast of a jump LoL. Took off to Calabasas after that and just went throught the normal routine of lame jumps and trying to have fun with them haha. it was chill and I talked more than I rode but thats fine sometimes. All in all it was a good day and I was glad to get some ride time in before working 5 double days at both jobs and then the entire weekend to boot at LCRSP. Haha love it.

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Anonymous said...

you left out the part about you wearing no shirt at calabazas and that you got a fresh chest piece !