Monday, March 8, 2010


Haha what a friggin weekend. :) Got into Phx at like 4:30AM and took a quick lil cat nap before jetting over to the track just in time to have Porter sign me up and take 3 laps of practice. the track was good it had some jumps so it was cool to ramp over some stuff. I felt like I was too strong apparently so I decided to blow a clip out again and gash the shit out of the back of my leg. I quickly dubbed it the shark bite from the first straight and let me tell you its been 3 days now and the entire ankle is now swollen and bruised up from the carnage. Check the pic below. Got quartered out the first day, it was kinda weak but I had a decent lap just not enough power. Second day Sunday was a wash out for some but for a mudder like me I took advantage and managed to escape a quarter main where I ate shit, popped my shoulder out of place, and mudded my way into a semi where I got through and eventually took down a 5th place finish... The mud was crazy bad and it never stopped rainin all day. Lisa was all but stranded so i told her no worries she is legit in my book and Id get her home. It didnt go over too well with the majority of the car and we got into a brief spat about whats more important a fuckin $50 EZ-UP canopy or loyalty to a friend and helping out another rider. Sometimes people get confused and dont sit back and get grounded and think about how much people have helped and are helping them at the current moment and they dont pass the same help along to their fellow riders. Ive had tons of help and support over the years and Im always glad to help other people out. I encourage you all to do the same. Help someone who isnt as fortunate as you are today! Lisa got home the ride was weird but hilarious at the same time, and at the end of the day it was BMX. rain all week I guess? Shitty.

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