Friday, June 18, 2010

Karma 101

Im far from the best person on earth but I hope to think Im far from the worst too :) Myself and Al brought the Jump2Jump show down to Fresno on Thursday morning and had a blast entertaining 500-600 little groms in a summer daycare program. Ive done a few school shows in my time but I think this was more than likely the biggest one I have ever done. It was cool because we did both race stuff and freestyle stuff. Pics below and my Karma bank is now FULL, it's all about showing BMX to new minds that have never expeienced it. With 500-600 kids if only 10% ever come back to try it then thats 50-60 new riders somewhere!!! Thats good numbers mayn! Click on the above pictures and have fun trying to locate Myself and Ryan Garcia


Lola Love said...

My Kids Loved it! Had a great time! Got the Boys amped to ride an girls well they loved the music.

Chris Riesner said...

Thats my boy Ryno launching over kids haha, nice post