Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 26th Lets Dip!

June 9th Woot Woot! Pretty relaxed 26th Bday just chilled with Adi and my aunt and uncle hit some dinner with the crew and laid low. Havent updated since last week which means the 6th place finish at Roseville is news? Haha pretty weak and then slid out in the semi main on Sunday but was off the back trying to rail the last turn and pick up a spot. No dice slid out and got a little banged up but its all good. Headed to Raleigh North Carolina today in just a few minutes actually. Starting the cruiser bid as Im now in 26-30 age group. Heavy hitters are Brandon Pannucio and Bebout in that class... Brandon took down 2 big wins in Roseville showing that Study is in fact beatable so cruiser should be tough at grands and class will be nothing nice either. Still havent booked my flight for South Africa but I do plan on doing that ASAP. Gotta get the finances in order then pull the trigger. No pictures to update with which is kinda weak but maybe from this weekends racing who knows. Airports all day today and then the weekend warrior race scene. Run it bruhhhhhhhhh.

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