Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roybal is on Speed...... The legal kind :)

Haha Al apparently is taking this ABA push to the next level. He has officially sold his rid his soul of rock and roll and is hanging up the 125R Standard Whip and opting for the newest option out of the VSI Camp courtesy of Pete D. Check below for his new "Speed" buildup and he just got fresh new wheels a few weeks ago so his rig should sittin pretty for awhile. I told him to keep an eye on that fork because I want the lightest version someday and I wont hesitate to take his in a heartbeat. LOL Congrats on the build buddy. Also I have gotten a few pics from the East Coast National and will be posting slowly. Below is my day 1 Semi shot down the second straight. In that pic are myself leading Seth Utz in 2nd and Tony Favata in 3rd. Favata would somehow get the Win that day I would settle for a 3rd and Utz would consistently run 2nd all day. Not bad at all huh? I had the best lap one lap too soon! hehe. Pete D I know your a follower of the blog I just need the superlight fork in all white and a fresh set of tires, lets drop Danny C's photo contingency and make some room in the budget for your boy! Haha Good times!

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