Monday, August 9, 2010

Feel good!

Raced Orange Cove this weekend and enjoyed myself even though my hand is all but broken, couldnt grip the bars with my hand but luckily drew a soft moto and didnt have to dice with anyone and ended up winnin both days. Orange Cove is one of the best local facilities that I know of and its crazy that the place doesnt do bigger events more often so if you live out there get something going and use your tools that are provided for you. That place kicks ass and should get more traffic for sure. Victor Lopez might be shady but he sure can get BMX stuff done hehe. Ironically I watched some BMX kids get kicked out of the skatepark there later in the day on Sunday and thought it was funny because earlier in the year before the birth of the OC Police Department myself and Roybal were at a city council meeting discussing the future of the BMX program and I spoke on that topic and also gave my 2 cents about the establishing a police force there, which I was heavily in favor of. Little did I know that speech vote whatever would come back to bite me in the ass as I saw some cops oust a few bmx riders :( Bummer.

Guess who the pictures are! Thats Daniel he is a kid who riders from SA that I didnt have the pleasure of meeting but I heard he was a good kid who rode the Giba local track a bit and loved him some BMX. I spoke about him to Robbyn who gave me the tip as she knows his moms hair dresser or something like that and well I thought it would be rad since he was so stoked on riding to give him one of my Team USA jerseys. I wrote him a note and said he can have it as long as I get pics of him enjoying it. True to the pics above the lil guy followed through and Im psyked to see him ramping and enjoying life. Simplistic things can have the best pleasures in life.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, Gary here (Daniel's dad).

Hope you enjoyed your time out here in SA. Daniel loves the shirt, thanks a mil.


sam said...

Awesome pix...comment here from New Zealand, I know Daniel and he loves the track.