Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dustin Mulder- Awww my step son Dustin... Dustin was yet another rad kid who I think has a good future in BMX and a cool supportive mom behind him so if he stays on the up and up he can definitely get that tiny bit quicker and be at the competitive level that he wants to be. He was stressing the 17-24 class way too much but it made for some good times. He would constantly ask me over and over what guys were fast and who should he worry about and stuff LOL. I told him he would do fine and to just ride his race and enjoy the experience. I must have given him so much shit because he had the only cute girl in the country and he kicked her to the curb for some reason?!? Haha life of a player I guess- out with the old and in with the new maybe? His mom was too smart to take my invite to dinner which I made sure to ask 2-3 times and let Dustin know that she was more open to the idea everytime. He took the shit talk like a champ and dished it back and is yet another SA ripper kid who is dialed and a respectful little shit that I would love to host and show the states to. Congrats on your first worlds event dustin it only gets better and you will have banked memories that in 10years you'll look back on.

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