Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dave From SA- Not sure the exact day that I met Dave but he was definitely one of the first riders that I met who was super humble and just genuinely happy to be riding BMX and not too worried about other shit. He rides a mongoose that is way too old and dated for how good he is but thats kinda typical of alot of the rippers in SA. They just rock whatever they have and thats fine with them, we spoiled americans have to have the newest shit and keep up with the current fads and shit but it's a bit more simplistic to guys like Dave and Im glad I met him early in the trip and spent a good time riding and talkin shit with him. His worlds went pretty shitty though because he flipped his bars in the rhythm section on day 1 of practice and sure enough was ok enough to ride the next days practice but that proved to be a shitty event too. I didnt see it but I heard he was in the same spot got bucked in the rhythm and tossed over the bars. Somehow he smashed some teeth even though he rocks the fullface so he had to get those things straightened up and was dealt a nasty concussion so his first worlds appearance wasn't as planned Im sure but he made the most of it and besides scaring the shit out of me with that crash he was a rad dude and definitely enjoys riding which makes him good in my opinion. Keep up the riding buddy and dont get bummed because Tom Ritz builds the shittiest rhythm section anyway :) Lastly- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYN

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