Friday, August 27, 2010

Bob the builder my a$$ :)

I have been promoted from Rec Leader at SJ Parks to Captain Carpenter! Haha built this 8ft. wallride w/ 2 1/2ft. sub for the jam this weekend. Turned out pretty good even though a few of the guys are kinda spooked about it. Myself and Rob Payne worked a solid 8 hours or so gettin it all dialed in from scratch. I love building ramps and stuff because you get to shred them when its all done and I thoroughly like to build new stuff. Nate Wessel is a bit more dialed then me, but it was fun and proud of the finished product for sure. If you dont plan on coming out to the comp this Saturday then I expect you to be moving out of Nor*Cal by Sunday evening because Im sending out a hit squad come Monday morning. ALOT of kids are psyked and ready to shred for anything from Vans shoes to a $200 Zumiez gift card!?! Wild. Cash for pro's... and just all around long fun day. Enjoy a shot of a double pegger on my new pride and joy. Thanks goes out to Mr. Nyquist for lending me his garage to make it all happen.

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