Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Quotes...

Let me start off by givin props and big up's where they are due. True story you can check my phone for the realness. I texted Phil Castro to see if he was racin the pro-am this weekend and his exact reply was "you better bring a jet pack because im going fast right now" I laughed it off and was excited to hear he would be in town, we always have good races along with Stevey Grote and I love heckling and riding with those guys. Well.... This guy was so far from joking it was not even remotely funny. Phil is in fact going fast right now and killed me down the first straight all weekend long. He pocketed $145 for his efforts and has definitely kicked it into a new gear. It can only be good for the class though because he owns the deed on 19-27X as far as local talent goes right now and if someone thinks otherwise, the bar has been set and I dont know who is on deck but you better get to work. Props to you Phil, keep it up and rep that 559 Bruhh!

"I dont consider myself to be famous really because that's for other people to determine, but I will say that I know some "famous" people are well aware of me and the moves I make"... Such a good quote.

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