Thursday, September 30, 2010

SA Reppin!

Shout out all my boys in SA! I saw a post on mania that had a link to the SA grands galleries and wanted to show off a few pics I saw of my guys racing their Grands out their but the douche guy is trying to sell the pics for 30rand which is like $4 USD haha so I couldnt paste them to here and give my boys some fame, but never the less they looked good and glad to see everyone riding and havin a good time. Works been busy for me and a full month of racing and freestyle demos this next few weeks so things are on the good up and up for the most part. Trying to get locked into a car before I go to vegas in a few weekends, because leaving with a few grand and no bills to have to pay can definitely be a big problem and lead to some foolish spending while Im in sin city. Im not a huge gambler but Im sure with the right amount of money and dreams anyone can get carried away. Im paying my uncle back some cash that I borrowed a long time ago prolly tomorrow, Ive been paying him slowly a hundred here hundred there but figure I might as well drop $500 on him while I have it to burn anyway. I think I have paid him about $500 or so and maybe even a little more but whatever he is good peoples and always supportive of my shit so its all gravy. I figure if I get my credit score up to 700 with him I can take out a second loan LOL. To my boys in SA- Email me you goons! Live fast/ride faster and always take chances!


seventotheone said...

raced Grands all the way to the ER. nothing to email you dude. no skate life, no nothing.

Anonymous said...

hey oldman I tried writing ur ass but u dont write back!

seventotheone said...

dear anonymous, ? I always write back. lloyd(at thing goes here) ....dare me to not write back now :)