Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trip it.

Language is bad so kiddies turn off the sound :)

Home sweet home. As much as the drives typically suck their is always reasons to choose to pile in the car and do it again. This trip was a quick one as I flew in and only drove the way home. Hudson was hot off a 3rd in single a at the grands and was really juiced with his riding, but apparently the powers that cut the checks weren't so impressed. 3rd place at the Grands get's you $300 bucks? Sheesh rough crowd huh? I figured they used the rest of the funds to pay out Brit Dizzle for her 3rd in 16&over women's open wheel... Wait that class isnt paid anymore either? Sheesh. They pay 16-29men but the women get shafted? Odd? Whatever it is what it is and I had a good few laps at the 33rd running of the grands with both mains in the bank and then gettin on the box with two 2nd's. On the way home we did some math and come to find out had I skipped work and went to Fresno and Prunedale nationals and went into the grands with some points, my 2nd place finish would have been well enough to crown me as the national champion in 26-34X. I dont support the NBL points system because they count the moto scores which are irrelevant IMO but it would have been funny to see them work in my favor and crown me as the champ LOL. Hotpants and I stopped in Wyoming and met a great group of local riders and volunteers who treated us as family and even arranged an impromptu pro-am which helped us get home with the gas situation. 10miles to the gallon was not a joke at all. We almost ran out several times because a 1/4 tank meant you had roughly 35miles to get fuel or you were on gods grace. Wild. More trip stories to come...

Marquise Montgomery on his best day is only a fraction of my speed. Get worked son.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been home to see my son race you guys!! Thanks for making another BMX dream come true for him (#31 Kyle Dona) He had a great time racing you guys in the Pro Am in Wyoming and you all are welcome back any time!!!