Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"If you are not busy you might not be relevant" Ive been absolutely swamped with BMX stuff lately but I feel like Ive been hittin homeruns with everything. I took a Fresno city tour with my boy Ryan last week because Lake Cunningham is next on the list for revamped city parks and they were kinda stuck with no ideas but are under the gun because they have to get up to par. Seemed like an ideal time to show them the parks in Fresno and all the action sports stuff they have going. The tour went really well and I expect a few things to crossover from Fresno to SJ. Big things coming and it was perfect timing as I start to push the BMX stuff with my city... My summer jam event went perfectly with over 75 entrants and record totals across the board, highest number of entrants for a contest, register totals, and foot traffic :) That was a good thing for sure and showed my higher ups again that the stuff im pushing definitely has a following and is worth the dollars. Couple of staff meetings and 12 hr. days left and right were hectic but got alot accomplished and all is going smooth. Then had a sit down with the Livermore parks and rec squad and got the ball rolling with the program there that I am spearheading with Jason Silva. Expect a big time rebuild and to cap off the track with about 42 layers of soil-tac sealant, building is being proposed and green lit then its all about findin a cheap one to move on into :) I believe that infrastructure is key to a tracks success and I want to get that place out of the stoneage. Thats all coming soon hopefully... Then Tuesday evening I hosted the first stop on the Road Fools tour thanks to Marco @ Props Visual. We had about 25 riders in 2 gucci rigs stop by and wow the kiddies with all sorts of riding. Alot of the kids on the east side lets be real here will never have the chance to meet some of their favorite pro riders for whatever reasons. Im glad I could get them over there and the kids were crazy start struck and Im glad I could get that to happen for them. Riding was crazy as expected and I was excited to see some of the bangers that went down. Then it was home at about 10:30 after getting everything locked up and secured, a few guys were bummed cuz I cut it at 9:45 PM for actual riding, but when you have 100 people to clear out your best bet is to start early and it worked perfectly I hit the alarm at 10:12pm. Hit In-n-Out with the boys and then shook home to pack. Im at SJC where Ive blogged way too much in the past few years LOL Headed to Louisville for the NBL Grands. Run it bruh.

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