Thursday, November 4, 2010

NCC November 20th you clowns!

Been slackin way hard on the bloggage lately but chalk it up to dealing with a ton of work hours and trying to balance in riding/racing/events and just overall doin it major. ABA Grands is on the horizon so just 2-3 weeks away myself and Roybal along with some other randoms will set off across Interstate 40 headed East to try and get some glory on the biggest stage in the country as far as BMX goes. Roybal informed me that Ricky Castro was coming with us, to which I thought was crazy... If we do happen to find the one decent looking female in the whole state of Oklahoma how the hell are we going to scheme on her if we bring the luscious curls of hollister along for the ride? We are gonna get out gamed by a freakin 9 yr old and have to wait up for him to get home each night at the hotel. I know it! And to top it off we always give the first shower, bed choice, first dibs on the girl at the bar with all her own teeth, etc etc etc to the best finisher at the races. Well good job Roybal, this silly goose chooses a kid that is a shoe in for a podium on both bikes. So not only are we going to be beat at the track, but the fringe benefits are rapidly fading away too. Issues man I got serious issues here LOL. And not the kinda issues that a prescription cream will fix either... Lifes good. Nor Cal Classic is November 20th. Its already been a funny event and the day is still 2 weeks out. I have yet to dig a single shovel full of dirt for the jumps but I think im going to raffle off the dirt responsibility to someone the mornign of the event haha. Im still sure its going to rain out since all the nice weather we have been having. Just in case I got the bag of stunts going well though, did my yearly tailwhip this week across a baby hip at LCRSP this past week. :)

New Slogan- I work hard for my money so others don't have to. Haha

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