Monday, November 15, 2010


So NCC had to relocate due to a difference in opinion concerning sponsorship. I abide by the rule that if your supportive of a canned food drive Im rockin with ya and some didnt see it that way. Luckily all is well and we are simply relocating to Livermore BMX which is definitely more of a drive but shouldnt be too big of a hassle. All the same festivities are scheduled so dont miss a step and come out and donate some canned goodies. Thats all the good news. The bad news is so far the forecast says 50% shot at rain on Saturday... Roybal is the only indian I know and he got kicked off the reservation like 25years ago so Im not sure that his sun dance is going to hold the showers off long enough. I jokingly have said it every year that I need to run the event earlier in the season but it's alot of work and not easy, but next year its going off earlier LOL.

Livermore BMX 5800 Patterson Pass Road Livermore, CA 94550


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone move it- 408bmx it's an SJ thing

nickdawg said...

Hehe. For the whole story youll have to track me down or maybe me and chris @ will do a full on interview defgrip style about it. The story isnt that grand but its a good tell... none the less drive on out and we have some last minute additions that might even make it better :)

Anonymous said...

Why are some people soooo silly this is a can food drive to help people that are less fortunate! So why should it matter where it is held this is a fun event where all BMX riders come together and show support as a sport not just a single community! Nick you are awesome with all that you do :-)