Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NCC Sackpack Preview!!!

Nor Cal Classic is starting to get closer and the jumps will be built next week if all goes well :) The logo below will be on the official sackpack which is basically a useless gym bag kind of thing. I've gone rounds with the sackpack faithful fans and haters about if it is a good option to make them or not... Luckily when Im the BOSS it's my call and cant nobody tell me different. HAHA. So bring your ten cans and your going to get a shirt and a sackpack off top. No if and or but's, its off top its your we keepin it 1hunnid and supplyin you so you can keep whatever else loot you wanna keep in there after it's all said and done. If it rains that day you can even keep your muddy shoes in it! Dual Purpose. Haters gonna hate and ballers gonna ball. Stay busy makin moves and let the people mumble bwa ha ha Peep out Bay the bulldog gettin her spook on fairy status. LOL

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Esther said...

I can't believe you dressed your dog up!!! LOL!