Monday, November 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So if you know me you already know Im not much of a holiday person, I like the whole idea of it but I generally dont buy too many people things because Im cheap haha. Anyway my gift to everyone is a 30% off code to my favorite Levi's hookup site Go there from NOVEMBER 29TH- DECEMBER 5TH and when you checkout use the promo code RX29. It'll save you an additional 30% on whatever your order is. Pretty simple. If your curious as to my size 32x32 fits me perfectly and I rock the rigid denim. HAHA enjoy it save some cash and buy some denim.


Chris McMahon said...

No 511s? Weak.

Esther said...

I've been so terrible at keeping up with your blog. I'm fired!