Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Whip. Kinda.

So at Grands I got just worked on my cruiser. Like worked nasty. So I decided to buy a new frame slightly bigger than what I was riding. Built it up and it looks pretty good. Thanks goes out to my 2011 sponsor Rob Rio Frio for the forks, but I was too gucci to use them. Sinz aluminum fork 5ounces heavier than my SX cro-mo fork? Weird. Stuck with the SX. So there it is my 2011 24" whip if I dont do well on it within the first few races, it will be for sale. If you think Im jokin then you dont know me. School show tomorrow assuming the rain clears up should be fun. I missed a day at the warehouse for it so Im definitely losing money by going, but its good karma and educate the kids and all that so we doin it major:) Ive hijacked Roybals escape so Ive been fairly spoiled being able to go places in the past week LOL. What else... Thats about all for now. enjoy a blurry picture of the new whip- Nick

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