Thursday, December 9, 2010

Put the kids to bed...

Warm up the milk and put the kiddies to bed. This one is not for reading if you dont like to hear me rant and rave your better off closin the window now :)

Now that we done got that out the way... Fuck Fuck Fuck you! This bitch ass sister of mine just showed up at my house, been owing me $400.00 and when I hit her up about it she like "I aint got it dick" hahaha is that how you feel? Was it "dick" when I loaned you the 4hunnid cuz ur fuckin stupid ass needed it to go outta state on some other BS? Was it "dick" last month when I loaned you a few hunnid, was it "dick" every other time I helped ur fuckin ass out and helped you to keep your shit together? Yeah it wasnt "dick" when you needed some cash was it? You fuckin piece of shit- fuck you. pay me and get fucked. Nick your unreasonable thats your sister, thats your family blah blah blah. Fuck you too. haha family or not I dont give a fuck if your the mother of my only child, once you fuck me over your just yet another fuckin person on the planet who is a cunt. Pay me bitch. Gonna win a football pool for $375, 2 weeks after you were supposed to pay me and I still havent been paid? But you had time to hit some black friday sales? Bitch I dont care if its neon muthafuckin green friday, when someone comes outta pocket for you, you pay them back accordingly when you have the first chance. When I heard this bitch was spendin money and not payin me back I let it slide, I've kindly hit her up like- yo time to square up man... excuse after excuse, I got bills blah blah blah. Get a clue bitch so does everyone. Next thursday was about 5 thursdays ago and now you wanna shit talk me? Fuck you.

I did get a flu shot today and worked both my jobs though so the day wasnt all negative was it? Bwa Ha Ha.

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Esther said...

Sorry it took me so long to pay you back the $100 you lent me. I'm glad I finally did though, and I really do appreciate the fact that you let me borrow it in the first place.