Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well in typical fashion I finally check off something in my life's mission and quickly replace it with something I feel is better. I got a new phone the other day which to some is no big deal, but Ive been rockin a phone with a useless keyboard that didnt even make calls 95% of its lifespan and I finally upgraded to a new WHITE EVO :) Shit is 4G so it's kinda important or something. I swear I only got it since it was called the evo and was available in white, but moving on checked that off the to do list. What did I add you are wondering? Well Im a stalker of www.defrgip.net its kinda artsy photog BMX based, whatever its a rad site. So they ran a feature below about a spot that was just goooood for a picture. The trick is nothing crazy just a clicked lookback, but the scenery is what sets it apart and makes it super good. Well I liked it so much I decided I wanted somethin similar. On my several coast to coast trips a year back and forth between races Im sure I have somehow passed alot of chances for one off riding shots that could kick a$$ like the on in this post. Well I shall not drive oblivious any longer. One time Al didnt let me stop when I saw a 1200pound bison or something ion Montana and to this day I regret not trying to go touch it. Ill be back for your ass Mr. Bison and this time Ill be ready. Where was I? Oh yeah. Im gettin a cool picture. Not sure where when how and all that stuff but I do know Why. Cuz I said so. Be on the lookout.

Tony Hoffman- Flip cam is ready, Im bringin you a bike check your site isnt ready for.

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