Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grands. Busyness.

5 people asked me today why I havent blogged in a bit so I figured I better quit slackin. Went to Grands and had a good time but definitely didnt ride too well LOL. I got ousted in my 1/8th main for class and semi'd in cruiser. 73 riders showed up in 19-27X making that arguably the biggest grands class of all time. Ive been doing the BMX stuff for about 15 years and never seen a class that big. Crazy tough 7 man 1/8ths taking 3... Trip was good all in all though. Maris got broke off on day 1 alogn with Joey Bradford so the titles were all pretty weakly mathematically decided so the possibility of a crazy lap to lap battle was quickly over before it started. Tough break for Joey, he goes way fast but cant seem to have a small crash. He will be back though and his training partner Mr Lubbe made the elite main which is quite impressive, but even cherry on top is he passed 88 Kyle Bennett for the last spot in the main. Kids ridin strong for sure. Little bit more of a first straight and I can see Gavin gettin on the podium very soon. I get nervous because him and Sifiso Nhlapo need to kick ass so they can both make the Olympic bid together. Seeing either guy not get in would be a bummer. Gotta pull for Nor Cal though so git it boy!

NBL State series meeting went donw recently as well. Some things needed to change and some did change. Not sure how I feel about it all but whatever. Change is in the air and younger faces are slowly working their way into the mix and I think thats the future. Made some good changes and hopefully the state series can start to grow again, its slowly been dwindling for a few years now :(

Livermore Rebuild! It was a very unorthodox way of going about it but it worked out. Basically Eric our NBL builder had a small window to come and rebuild our track. The timing was very rushed and things were quickly thrown together and luckily between myself, Jason Silva, and Eric and alot of patience and understanding we ended up with a cool track that everyone hopefully is psyked on. Ive done as much as I can do and hopefully it starts paying off in the first few months of the year. Looking forwrad to trying to scam Gavin outta their old gate at prunetucky so that would be nice if we could get that dialed in. Soil Tac calls have been made and just waiting to hear back and get a green light and that will be done next. If everyone participates as much as they can Im telling you people we will have the best program in all of BMX hands down. Rider operated is the way to go so come out and show your support.

Nor*Cal Classic! Ive not forgotten! Possibly going down this weekend at Livermore if the weather holds. Its cloudy the next few days so Im gonna check out the dirt tomorrow and see what shape it's in. If its too soft we will nail a new date down but if it looks like it will dry out in time then Saturday we could definitely get it done. Dirt jumps might not happen though but we could have a box jump jam that night at LCRSP to make up for it... Thats all for now. Crazy busy but had to blog it out.

Jump2Jump show on Thursday with some lame new guy on the team- Ryan Nyquil? Guess he is decent on a bike? Whatever. Al better not put him on the payroll until we see what kind of rider he is...

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