Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reno 2011

Happy New Years guys and gals! I tripped up last minute to Reno to head up with my aunt and 2 uncles. Things went well the drive was smooth nothing too much, quickly made some phone calls and the trip went from 5deep to 15 or so. Couple of cousins, aunt uncles and the whole 9 were all headed up. Stayed in the shadiest hotel spot $55 a night on New Years? yeah you knew it was gonna be gritty for sure LOL I killed roulette a few times got smoked once or twice but all in all was up about $150 and was talkin shit about hittin the high roller slots and had a $36.00 slot ticket in my pocket. Headed over to burn it out on a $10 wheel of fortune slot, I had a vision so $240 later and after hitting it for $220 I had basically blown through nearly $500 in about 10minutes. LOL Good times I dont like to mess with penny slots even though they are like more social but if Im gonna waste money, Id like to waste alot and have a shot at winning some life changin kinda cash. Hittin a penny slot jackpot is enough cash to fill ur gas tank up. Im trying to hit a $10 dollar slot for like $450k, thats doin it big. Took a few pics and had fun with some family, I get burned out in Reno and gambling so much so I took off a tad bit early before people started going to jail but that post will not be published LOL. 2010 was fairly solid, 2011 is looking up so far. It is what it is and you can make of it what you may. The sun is gonna come up every morning God willing, so what you choose to do with the day is solely on you and your will to make it happen.

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