Saturday, January 8, 2011

Livermore Mud Fest

Just got home from day 2 od working on the track in Livermore. The guys wanted to roll it out with a big packin setup and it basically was too much for the damp dirt :( So instead of gettin the track dialed we ended up having to spend 2 days fixing things from the packin attempt. I never mind diggin so it was kinda nice to put in some shovel time since Nor*Cal lacks trails. Bummer though because we could have got some ride time in since everything else was fairly dry. Reno is in a week and everyone has been gettin rained on so should be funny watching people ride sketchy. Im ridin both bikes and lookin for some mains so pretty excited I guess. Normal crew of suspects will be in the house. New teams, moves, and that Reno buzz will be happenin so it should be a good time. Check the useless picture, we covered the new section since rain is scheduled Tuesday. But basically rebuilt the first jump and the roller before it this morning. Fun Fun Fun. 4G wifi from my phone to my mac is the best thing since pb&j, and FREE.

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