Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So I scribbled that date all day while working at the warehouse. It was weird the first few times and by the end of the day I was carelessly just making 6 dash marks. It seriously looked like --> |||||| haha hopefully people get all their bandaids tomorrow and dont mind the funny looking date. Im not too kooky about crazy dates and the good or bad thats supposed to be associated with them but it was cool to see a unique date. But then again every date is unique in it's own way I suppose, but that rant is for another post. The rain is still in the bay area? WTF is up! I was psyked to get out at 4pm today from my job left me like exactly an hour to get my ass some concrete session in. I step outside and its like drip drip drip. Who did the state of California piss off to be cursed with this wet season? For the record I FULLY SUPPORT global warming. I can work with record heat, anything to get less rainy days is fine by me. No pictures to post and not much of a story just felt like typing I guess. Reno kicks off in a few days, I cant win @ Bingo STILL. And my bike is lonely.

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