Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reno 2011

All done and in the books. First of all let me take a brief second to salute the man that is Phil Wolcott. We as a BMX community lost Phil on 1/1/11 and it was a huge bummer to hear the news which came very sudden. Phil was a stand up guy to me personally and Im sure was a blessing to many others. We toasted Phil on many occasions this weekend and it will continue for time to come Im sure. Al Roybal is leading NAG points? Crazy guy took down the wins in Reno on a bike that was on its last trip, I was very psyked for him and if he lets me fine tune his next bike I think he has a legit shot at the overall title and to be the man to beat in that class. Rob-O made a few mains, Gavin Lubbe is going too fast, and I got moto'd one day in class! HAHA. Blackjack with John Morgan was a nightly event and I saw some car payments and college tuitions gambled hourly, I drank with my new buddy Pablo/Paco who is in the pictures. He is this rad little puppet who is our flat Stanley from here on out. Good times. Not sure what else could be said you kinda had to be there for anything to make sense. Pat Nugent has been curious for awhile and finally got a taste of the fun life, Im sure we will hang in the future Pat, ESPN aint ready!

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