Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sore Ankle!

LOL So today were fooling around at SS trails, and Im trying to do this back to back 360 line I wanted to pull off and after a few bails over the hip I ejected from one and landed on the side of the hip. Rolled my ankle like immediately and Al was like your gonna be sore tomorrow. He was dead wrong because I still rode fine for a bit more but the drive back apparently let my body relax enough to realize it hurt. Haha. Right ankle is sore now but had a fun day none the less. Weak staff meetings all day tomorrow and the long shift at RMC. KHE tires arrive in the mail tomorrow kinda psyked on gettin those mounted. Figure if my bikes lighter, I too can go high like Nyquist. Roybal post the rolled ankle footage!

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