Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I had the great idea today to head down to DMV to get the actual total of what it's gonna cost to legally operate a vehicle in the state of california, and was I pleasantly surprised when the lady said my renewal was only going to be $31.00. I waited for her to yell Gotcha! and then laugh her ass off at the 6 tickets that I owe from every state that interstate 40 runs along. I kept waiting and waiting for her to drop the figure on me and it never came. Im still bewildered and I did some research and basically its the DMV's discretion to collect out of state tickets, being in the economic slump we are I didnt think for a single second that I would get to slide without paying heavily. All worked out and to celebrate I ordered a set of KHE tires to lighten up my park rig just a little bit, trails tomorrow with Jay Fil unless he flakes, hip line at post office and that curved berm jump thing that look tricky. Fun.

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